Lake Tyrrell Night Workshop - April 21

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Learn how to Photograph the Night Sky with Award winning Photographer, Gill Fry. Gill has won NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day TWICE!!
Come and learn how to photograph the night sky! I love Lake Tyrrell!. Especially under the stars. And it is time to head back there in April.

You dont need any fancy equipment - just a DSLR with a kit lens and a tripod.
I will take you through what you need to know including composition, lighting, camera settings and how to focus on the stars to get the best images possible.
We always hope we will get a clear night but that is not always the case. However, I can still teach you everything you need to know and we will still get some cool images!
You will also get a booklet with all the information. It will be presented at the session for your future reference.
Numbers are limited to 8 people so I can dedicate my time to each person.

What to bring to the workshop
- Sturdy tripod
- A thick sock with the toe and heel cut out so it is a tube (to go over your lens)
- DSLR camera which has manual settings
- Make sure your battery is charged and you have a memory card in your camera
- Spare battery and memory card if you have one
- Widest angle lens that you have and any others you wish to try.
- Remote shutter trigger (if you have one - not essential)
- Headlamp, torch
- Waterproof boots
- Coat, hat scarf, gloves, wool socks, thermals

I am hoping it will be a warmer night but be prepared.... It can get cold!!!!! Wear appropriate clothing. Do not wear cotton against your skin. If it is going to be cold, woollen socks are a must and waterproof shoes/boots. If you are cold and wet, you will not enjoy the session. Be prepared!
If you want to come along with me and learn to shoot the stars then shoot me a message. The cost of the workshop will be $250. Price includes tuition and printed notes. Numbers are limited.
To attend you will need to be double vaxed and show proof of your certificate.

So how do you book? 
Simply purchase this item and I will be in contact via email.
NOTE: Numbers are strictly limited. There is another workshop on April 20 if you have missed out on this one!
Looking forward to seeing you then!