Sunwayfoto DDB-53 Bidirectional Clamp

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  • Integral Double Clamps

  • Scratch-Resistant Anodized Black Finish

  • Dual Screw-Knob Clamps

  • Accepts Arca-Swiss Style QR Plates

  • Safety Stop Relief Grooves

  • Captive Knob

  • Move Camera in 2 Dimensions With Rail


The Sunwayfoto DDB-53 Bidirectional Clamp features integrated double clamps that allow a camera mounted to a multi-purpose rail (available separately) to move in two different dimensions without moving your tripod or camera support. This clamp has a scratch-resistant black anodized finish and safety-stop relief grooves for additional security to protect your camera from falling. It's compatible with any standard Arca-Swiss style quick release plate.

    • The DDB-53 clamp is designed so that you can (using an optional multi-purpose rail) move your camera in two different dimensions without moving your tripod

    • Fits all standard Arca-Swiss quick release plates

    • Dual screw-knob clamps

    • Safety stop relief grooves prevent your equipment from dropping accidently

    • Scratch-resistant anodized black finish

    • Captive knob