Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp

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  • Smooth horizontal panning

  • Laser-Engraved Index Markings

  • Safety Stop Relief Grooves

  • Bulls Eye Bubble Level


The Sunwayfoto DDH-06 Panoramic Panning Clamp is panning clamp that can attach to your ball head and replace your existing clamp.  The clamp rotates a full 360°, and has laser engraved index markings, allowing you to precisely pan your camera between shots.

  • Grooves in the clamp act as safety stops so that your plate will not slide out of the clamp while you adjust your camera fore and aft.

  • A long-stemmed clamp locking-knob allows you to use wide plates or cameras and still be able to access the knob.

  • A bull's-eye bubble level allows you to level your camera on both the horizontal and vertical axes.