Sunwayfoto DDY-58 Discal Clamp 58mm

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  • CNC-Machined Integral Screw-Knob Clamp

  • Arca-Swiss-Compatible

  • Anodized Black Finish

  • Captive Knob

  • Integrated Bubble Level

  • Safety Stop Grooves

Lightweight Hollow Design

The Sunwayfoto DDY-58 Discal Clamp 58mm is a Swiss-Arca-compatible integral screw-knob clamp with an anodized black finish. It has a captive knob, safety-stop grooves, and a hollowed-out design that reduces the weight of the clamp. You can use an M6 screw to mount it to an AS-style ball head, and it will accept any standard Arca-Swiss quick-release plate. This Discal Clamp also has an integrated bubble level.

  • CNC-machined integral screw-knob clamp

  • Arca-Swiss-compatible

  • Anodized black finish

  • Captive knob

  • Integrated bubble level

  • Safety stop grooves

  • Lightweight hollow design