Explorer GX-01 Gravity Explorer Ball Head

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  • Inverted low profile ball-head

  • Lightweight and portable at just 135grams

  • Supports up to 5kg (11lbs) load capacity

  • Dual-action knob design

  • ARCA / RSS Compatible Quick Release Clamp

  • 360° Panoramic Rotation

  • Ball-lock lever

  • Hard anodized finish for durability


The Explorer GX-01 Gravity Explorer Ball Head is designed to be as compact and portable as possible while supporting up to 5kg (11lbs)of gear on an ARCA compatible mounting clamp. A dual-action knob secures the provided Explorer EX-37 quick release plate and acts as the panning release to shoot 360° panoramic images. Quick adjustments to composition and positioning can be made through the inverted ball head design.

The GX-01 Gravity Explorer is perfect for mobile phones when combined with MX-360 Mobile 360 Explorer Pro, LED panel lights such as the Explorer AuraLED 915 or Explorer AuraRGB, microphones, DSLR, and mirrorless camera bodies and lenses with mid-range focal lengths.