Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloths (5-Pack, Black)

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  • Specially Treated Cotton / Lint-Free

  • Smooth, Soft Texture

  • High-Absorption Factor

  • Each Cloth is Individually Sealed

  • Use on Optics, Filters

  • Removes Fingerprints, Smears, Dust


The Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloths (5-Pack, Black) contains 5 individually wrapped lens cleaning cloths. These cleaning cloths are made from pure cotton and feature a lint-free characteristic that make them usable on all optics and filters. Each 25cm x 18cm cloth is large enough to cover most optical surfaces. They are smooth textured and feature a high-absorption quality making them useful for removing fingerprint oils, dust, smears and dirt particles.

  • Specially treated cotton material makes it lint-free

  • The smooth texture of the cloth makes it useful for all optics, filters

  • Each cloth in the five pack comes individually sealed for protection